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Category: Straight

Straight Lace Wigs

Sleek, easy to maintain straight lace wigs

Wake up in the morning, pop on your straight lace wig and instantly get the CEO look you want. It’s true that when you look good, you feel good. Empower yourself with the confidence and the strength to bring out your inner beauty. Everyone has something special to offer and a Legacy Straight Lace Wig will help you find the courage and inner fortitude to be yourself. Show the world why you deserve to be here. It all starts with a beautiful head of hair. Take a look through our collection of straight lace wigs to discover yourself.

Category: Curly

Naturally Curly Lace Wigs

Express your glamorous side

At Legacy Lace Wigs, We have one of the largest selection of quality curly lace wigs available. Browse through our photos and see what the Legacy difference means. Our all-natural curly lace wigs will give you that healthy, natural look you have been dying to bring back. One of the most sought after lace wigs is the curly style. It’s because many people look for a wig that fits their personality and character. A curly wig gives you the confidence of knowing that your wig more than matches your natural style, it matches who you are. Take a look at the collection below.

Category: Wavy

Wavy Lace Wigs

Elegance At First Sight

Elevate your style and bring out that inner diva waiting to be unleashed. All of our wavy lace wigs will give you the look and feel of being that bad girl who’s innocent at heart. Wavy lace wigs make an attractive choice and come in a variety of deep wave and short wave styles. Take a look through the collection to discover the perfect wavy lace wig for you. Keep in mind that all of our photographs have been taken using our in-house staff and merchandise.

Category: Kinky

Kinky Lace Wigs

Be who you naturally are

Nothing looks better than a healthy head of kinky hair. The sheer volume and shine make for a bold statement that looks good with any style. Whether you are trying to go for extreme volume or something more subtle, we have plenty of kinky lace wig options to choose from. The most important thing to remember is that all of our kinky lace wigs have a premium quality and natural look that mimics the exact texture and fullness of real hair.

Category: Water Wave

Water Wave Lace Wigs

Be fresh. Be Lovely

Everyone loves that fresh out the shower water wave look. The moist subtlety of a water wave lace wig is a classic style that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. By combining a luxurious water wave wig with soft baby hair edges, you can experience a truly lovely combination of glamour & elegance. All of our realistic-looking water wave lace wigs can last for up to 2 years when properly maintained. Take a look through our water wave collection to see why so many of our fans adore this collection.

Category: Ombre

Ombre Lace Wigs

Be the trendsetter that you are

The Ombre style of fashion is a trend blazing a trail through the world. With an overall darker hair on top and lighter hair on the bottom pattern, you’ll have lots of room to play with outfits and accessories. The professional level of ombre styling gives a gradually transitioning color from top to bottom. Rather than a sharp transition, the true mark of a high-quality ombre lace wig is the subtlety of the color transition. Take a look at our photos to imagine how one of our ombre lace wigs will look on you.

Category: Black label collection

Black Label Collection

What’s your style?

Who is your favorite entertainer, superstar or role model? What black label lace wig does she wear? Some of our fans come to us because they saw Cardi B or Kylie Jenner wearing a certain style and now they want it. There’s nothing wrong with trying to emulate your favorite icons. We maintain a vibrant collection of all different sorts of colors, styles, and options in our black label collection. Take a look below to see why so many adore our black label collection of lace wigs.

Category: Silk Top

Silk Top Lace Wigs

Enjoy a beautiful silk hairline

How would you like to wear a super realistic, incredible silky smooth lace wig? The Legacy Difference means that the silk top lace wig you see in the photo is the same as the wig you’ll receive at your doorstep. We believe in absolute transparency and will always give you the promise to provide high level, quality lace wigs that will last up to 2 years with the proper treatment. Take a look through our silk top collection to understand what amazing options we have in stock for you.

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