Our company is the only one in USA with a true designer from Ukraine, which has a state certificate of quality for all offered products from hair. We guarantee the safety of our hair, because all of our products before use is chemically and heat treatment. We have hygienic conclusion “Ministry of Health “on the use of our hair. Before using hair studies are provided to customers and absolutely clean , without the presence of lice , psoriasis , etc.

All hair undergo several processing steps that eliminate them from harmful bacteria and not destroy the structure of the hair. We also introduced an innovative system of hair treatment – cleansing the silver. Silver has excellent antibacterial properties, and most importantly removes negative energy from hair. Treated hair is thus safe for the health of the new owner, in both the physical and the energy level

We produce hair products of only 100% natural human hair. Our Slavonic Virgin Hair Line, Slavonic Hair Line, Ukrainian Fashion Line, European Hair Line. We purchase raw hair material on territory of Ukraine, Russia, former CIS countries. It refers to the Slavonic type of hair, so – the highest quality. Raw hair materials are sorted, then go through three types of treatment and dyed at the end. We guarantee the quality of the hair, produced by our company.

• All hair is double drawn
• No split ends
• Homogeneous color of all hair products
• Hair is not treated with silicone, can be dyed, tinted
• Hair have the same structure in whole tail
• Hair remains perfectly straight after washing
• Curls retains after washing
• Machine made pre-bonded hair meets European quality standards
• Huge selection of colors and shades by request

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