After deciding to purchase a human hair wig, you undoubtedly have some questions about how to care for it. Your human hair wig needs regular maintenance to be tidy, lustrous, and in good shape. Although wigs are identical to your hair in some ways, you must take specific additional procedures to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and continues to look beautiful. Here are our care instructions for human hair wigs.

What is a Human Hair Wig?

A wig produced from natural human hair and meticulously gathered to preserve the cuticles is known as a “human hair wig.” Hand-woven strands are used to create a stretchy cap that is put on top of the head. The hairs are distributed uniformly, resulting in a crisp, precise alignment of the cuticles and strands. Human hair wigs may last up to three years with proper maintenance.

A new report by Research and Markets predicts that by 2026, the value of the global market for human hair wigs and extensions will reach $13.28 billion. There is a growing market for human hair. This is a result of recent changes in wigs’ appearance and texture. Wigs have always had artificial, synthetic looks and have been hard to maintain. Human hair wigs can now be designed to look exactly like natural hair, making them a popular option for people experiencing hair loss.

How to Care for Your Human Hair Wig

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  • Keep it Clean

Regular and thorough cleaning is one of the most crucial steps in maintaining the cleanliness and lifetime of your wig. To prevent buildup, stylist Brittany Johnson advises rinsing your wig as frequently as once per week—or a week and a half—if you often curl your hair and use style products like hairspray. You can get away with shampooing your wig every two to three weeks if you only use it occasionally and don’t use any solid gels or lotions. There is no universally applicable cleaning schedule, but it probably is if your wig appears to need a wash. You must maintain your wig’s cleanliness by washing it with shampoo and conditioner, just like your hair. Your wig may get greasy and quickly accumulate hair products and other debris if it is in contact with the natural oils on your scalp. You might want to spend money on specialized wig shampoos and conditioners for the most outstanding results. However, you can still use your usual products as long as they are mild and sulfate-free.

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  • Washing Your Wig

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your wig before washing it to eliminate tangles. Work your way up toward the cap from the ends. Using a brush, which can lead to breakage, should be avoided. Don’t immerse your wig completely. Instead, hold it under cold, flowing water and let it flow from the roots to the ends. In a downward motion, evenly apply a little shampoo throughout the hair. Holding your wig under cold, flowing water until it is clear will rinse it. To press out extra water, gently squeeze the threads. Next, coat the hair’s end with conditioner. The hair may start to fall out if conditioner is applied to the roots. No more than five minutes should be spent with the conditioner on. Gently rinse your wig before patting it dry. It’s a brilliant idea to let it air dry on a wig stand if you have one.

  • Avoid Heat Styling

Use your wig with as little heat styling as possible, just like you might with your own hair. By drying out the hair and causing the strands to break, blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can seriously harm hair. You can use these tools sometimes, but use a heat protectant before styling your human hair wig. A low or medium setting on an electric roller is a terrific technique to get soft curls without too much heat.

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  • Stop Using Oil-Based Hair Products

Your wig may get greasy and untidy if you put hairspray, gel, or pomade on it. You may use various non-oily items to maintain your wig well-groomed, shining, and in good condition. In fact, wig spray that is made expressly for wig upkeep may be purchased. It would help if you used a leave-in conditioning spray on your hair and wig. An excellent approach to keep your wig manageable without weighing it down or making it oily is to lightly mist it with shine serum.

  • Store It Properly

It’s crucial to properly preserve your wig when it’s not being used. Please keep it away from direct sunshine, which tends to dry out hair and quickly lose hair colour. A wig stand is recommended but not required. It may be challenging to find a spot in your house, but it can assist the wig’s cap in keeping its form. Keep your wig’s original packaging when you purchase it. You may always utilize it to properly maintain your wig. If you’ve already thrown it away, you can use a shoebox lined with tissue paper, an airtight plastic container, or a plastic, sealable bag. Permanently remove your wig before bed since it is susceptible to matting and damage.

Additionally, it should never be worn when bathing or swimming. To keep your wig tidy and fresh, brush it before putting it away. Ensure they are dehydrated before storing them, and keep them in an excellent, dry location like your closet.

  • Speak with Your Hairstylist

Have a professional take a look at your wig if you need assistance styling it or are concerned about perhaps harming it. They may assist you in getting the desired human hair wig look without causing any harm to your wig. If your wig appears a touch greasy or dry, or if it is shedding, you may also speak with your stylist. They’ll probably be able to pinpoint the issue and provide the tools you need to solve it.

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