Silicone Breast

Legacy Silicone breast

We have high quality silicone breasts for every size Our silicone breast is so soft feel like baby skin soft and comfortable whole day with skin. Its design is so charm and natural you feel fresh all day and it is stable to use. It has high texture PU film which give you like skinny touch when you touch.

Why Our Silicon Breast

High quality Pure Silicone

Charm & Natural Design

Breathable Gloves

High Texture PU film

Easy to fit

Our Silicone Bra Pad

We have different size of bra pad which will be fit to your skin and easy adjustable and comfortable you can wear them full day which out any irritation you feel fresh and confident by using our silicone bra pad 

Silicone Breast Colours

We have mainly 3 colors of silicone breast are available for now which will match to your skin type.

Skin Colour

Pink Colour

Brown Colour

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