We recognize that selecting the ideal Natural Hair Wigs for Women can be challenging because there are many variables and options to consider. It all comes down to choosing a wig that would look well on your face while also considering your skin tone.

As is to be anticipated, choosing a wig that suits your skin tone and gives you a good look is vital. The best part about wigs is that you may experiment with them until you discover the ideal combination of wig color and skin tone!

But, first things first — you need to identify your skin tone. The color of your skin and how warm or cold your complexion are referred to as your skin tone. While cool skins have pink, blue, or violet undertones, warm skin is distinguished by its yellow, red, and peachy undertones.

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So, which do you possess? Not sure, OK, that’s also OK. A few simple tiny tips can help you figure it out.

Natural Hair Wigs for Women

  1. The most straightforward technique would probably be to ask a cosmetic artist at a counter for their advice, but there are a few tests you may do to aid you.
  2. Take off your makeup and wrap your head in a white towel. This should make it easier to determine if your face has more blue or yellow undertones.
  3. Check the veins in your wrist. You have a warm undertone if they appear to have a green hue. If they seem blue, your undertone is chilly.

This shouldn’t matter if you find a color you adore and wear it confidently. Still, it may be a helpful beginning point for those who haven’t tried out various hair colors.

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If your skin tone is warmer, pay attention to Real Hair Wigs For Women that feature the following:

  • Chocolate
  • Dark mocha
  • Warm browns
  • Chestnut
  • Cinnamon
  • Honey
  • Amber

While a complete wig in these hues is possible, picking a wig with highlights or lowlights in these colors is also wise.

  • Reddish hues
  • Warm reds like strawberry blonde, copper, rust, or rose gold look well with neutral complexion tones or blue undertones.
  • shady browns

Suppose you choose a hue like brown-black, dark mocha, or cocoa. In that case, cool undertones look lovely on a fair or medium complexion. Alternatively, choosing one of the hues mentioned above will warm things up even if you have deep skin tones.

Colors to avoid:

Warm skin tones can benefit from some colors, but some wig colors should be avoided when wearing them. Most cold hues, such as platinum blonde, violet, blue, or jet black, don’t go well with warm skin. You may look washed out in these colors, which is not your desired effect!

Colors of Wigs for Darker Skin.

Several wig colors will go well with your skin tone if you have a darker complexion. For those with a darker complexion, we suggest the following wig colors:


A brown wig is an excellent choice if you want to seem natural. Don’t go more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color if you want the results to appear as natural as possible.

All shades of brown, particularly those with golden, honey, chocolate, caramel, red, and coffee tones look best against darker complexion tones. Your choice of color is entirely based on personal preference!

Choose golden highlights to give your appearance a shine and enhance a darker base color when creating the perfect highlighted or ombre effect. Golden brown tones compliment and accentuate your skin’s warmth if your foundation’s brown color is lighter.


Burgundy, rich reds, and copper shades are ideal wig colors for darker skin. We advise using a rich brown shade if you want an all-over red color.

You might use a somewhat stronger shade of red if you want to get a highlighted effect. Why not experiment with an ombre look? This will turn the wig’s brown or black hair into a deep, rich crimson. These hues will bring out the warmth in your dark skin tone and produce a harmonious overall appearance.

Skin tones that go well with cool skin tones in women include:

  • Blacks
  • Ashy brown
  • Cool blonde
  • Honey
  • Beige
  • Grey
  • Auburn

Warmer colors may wipe you out, but these tints neutralize the tone of your skin. Freshening up an appearance may also be accomplished by adding highlights.

Bold hues: If you have a calm skin tone, you can wear more intense shades that are out of the ordinary, including reds and purples. You’re capable of becoming jazzy!

Blondes and greys: People with cold skin tones look fantastic in icy blondes, greys, and ashy colors. The somewhat blue tones in your hair will balance out any ruddiness in your complexion if you notice that you have pink cheeks.

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