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Add amazing wigs to your costume that you’ve personally designed and made! Cowbutt Crunchies’ Regan Cerato demonstrates how to create a plethora of elaborate wigs for cosplayers, including fiber flowers, dragon scales, and colored spikes, among many more designs! Even the most seasoned crafters might become intimidated by extravagant wigs, yet anybody can make wigs with the help of professional Cosplay advice. Regardless of your level of sewing skill, this guide will assist you in realizing your cosplay ambitions.

Let’s Construct Some Wigs!
Greetings, stylists! As part of Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay, I have a long history of enjoying making elaborate armor and enormous ball dresses. Though I specialize in larger-than-life wigs, I’ve discovered throughout the years that even the most seasoned of craftsmen can be intimidated by elaborate wigs. But I think extreme wig crafting is for everyone: with the correct skills, perseverance, and drive, any stylist, from novice to expert, can take on these looks!

This book has a lot of my best styling tricks and techniques that I’ve learned over the years, along with a few of my own wig designs for creative inspiration. Along with a ton of talking points, advice, and directions for recreating popular trends, I’ve also included a ton of information on both basic and extreme styling techniques. My approach to teaching is to walk students through the reasoning behind each specific styling technique’s effectiveness. Beyond what is in this book, I want you to leave with information that you can use on your own future endeavors. As usual, there is no one correct method to style, so be sure to explore different things and use these chapters as a reference. Try several things, and pick the methods that are most effective for you!

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Working with a variety of synthetic materials, equipment, and chemicals is a natural part of working with wigs in general, and especially when creating larger-than-life wigs. Always read and abide by the safety recommendations for the goods you select to use, and operate in an area with enough ventilation.

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Fiber Composition
How do synthetic wigs get made?
The majority of synthetic wig fiber is made up of lengthy plastic threads. Plastic is more resilient to damage, glossier, and frequently thicker than the keratin found in real hair. Wig fiber plastic comes in a wide variety of forms, and some manufacturers even utilize proprietary blends.

The telltale sheen on cheap bag wigs you would see in a Halloween store is a sign that the fiber is composed of inferior plastic. Kanekalon fibers, which come in a restricted range of realistic hues including blondes and browns, and have a variable sheen, are typically used in older brands and ready-to-wear wigs. If you’re searching for genuine hair tones, this can be fantastic, however keep in mind that certain wigs of this type are not heat resistant. They may melt when exposed to a very hot blow dryer or very high temperatures from instruments like flat irons, which may reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Look out for wigs that are marked as heat resistant, especially if they are colored differently and gauges. You can notice that your fiber has a glossy finish or that it seems almost matte, depending on the retailer you get your wig from. This is because the fiber combination was chosen.

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Smooth versus matte fiber
Not every fiber is made equally! Though I firmly think that with enough work, you can style any wig, I also think there’s always a method to minimize your own workload. Slicker or glossy fibers are often thinner and smoother than matte fibers, which are typically thicker and rougher.


Apart from a matter of taste, this influences our styling in a few significant ways. Coarse fibers, such as those offered by cosplay companies Arda Wigs and The Five Wits, have a tendency to stick together even after normal usage since they naturally have more teeth. When you need to tease or spike a wig, this is a terrific advantage that may save you time and work. Long matte fiber types, however, have a tendency to tangle more with wear and friction for the same reason.

On the other hand, your wig can be composed of softer, thinner wig hair if it has a noticeable gloss or sheen. Instead of tangle and knot, these strands tend to glide against one another. Generally speaking, it’s best to utilize slicker If you want a long wig that is less likely to tangle, use r fiber. Alternatively, matte fiber might assist you in getting the appearance you want if you require a shorter wig with a lot of upward volume.Make careful to use a detangling spray before wearing a long wig made of matte fiber. A few mists of hairspray will offer the hair some momentary hold when teasing if you’re using slick fiber for heavier style.

Tools for Styling Wigs
Essential Tools for Styling

The essential tools I always have in my style toolbox are listed below. There are many tools available for styling wigs, but these are my personal favorites if you’re looking for a beginning to start amassing a collection.
1.One stand and wig made of canvas

One canvas stand and wig head Although wig heads are more costly than Styrofoam heads, their size is closer to that of a real head. When gauging the general size or form of what you are styling, this becomes crucial.

2.Two blow dryers
Using a blow dryer to apply heat is necessary to soften plastic fibers throughout the style procedure.

3. göt2b Freezing Mist
Strong grip, like a cross between hairspray and glue, makes Schwarzkopf’s göt2b (a heavy-duty hairspray) a favorite among cosplayers worldwide.

4.Four wig scissors

Plastic wig fiber can soon dull any blade, so you don’t need to spend a much on them, but if you can, get a cheap pair of cutting shears. Cutting will be far less annoying if you use these rather than craft scissors.

5.Five Flat Irons
A flat iron is a better heat source than a blow dryer for straightening, curling, and teasing wigs made of heat-resistant material.

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6.Six Fine Toothed Combs
Since cleanliness is important, make sure all of your fibers are straight and free of tangles by using a fine-toothed comb.

7.Seven Broad Toothed Comb
Use a wide-toothed comb to start if your wig needs to be combed for flyaways or is knotted.

8 Tacky Glue or PVA Glue: These white, flexible glues work well for foam-built types and are easily available.

8. Brush for Teasing
This brush has thick bristles that are meant to be teased. It’s excellent for quickly teasing a lot of hair. Additionally, it works well for smoothing out the top layer of hair alone, leaving the teased layers intact.

9.Ten Duckbill Clips
My best duckbill clips for putting away hair clips are made of solid metal. They don’t create knots and are robust.

10.Disentangling Mist
Oil in detangling sprays will slicken wig fibers. Use this spray to mist your wig to help with unknotting or to keep it from tangling when worn normally.

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