Celebrity careers and lifestyles have always been popular subjects. Their admirers are impacted by their fame and personal preferences. As a result, you can see that celebrities always strive to seem well in front of the cameras and their viewers. Marilyn Monroe may still be the most desirable name among all the well-known people worldwide. She has been chosen as the all-time leading beauty icon. However, are you aware of Marilyn Monroe’s wig? Do you want to know more about Marilyn Monroe’s blonde hair?

Marilyn Monroe’s wig and clothing

Marilyn Monroe had a variety of blonde hair colors during her career. She attempted an ash-blonde, silvery tint, and even a strawberry blonde. She frequently changed her hair color and, occasionally, her wigs to fit various parts and occasions. She also switched from a tight, loose style to a sloppy curly one, but her trademark hair color was platinum blonde. Marilyn used her trademark curls in various fashions while combining her blonde hair with different cosmetic looks. She was influential in demonstrating her gorgeous appearance.

She also made an appearance on President Kennedy’s birthday with white hair. This haircut was referred to as “pillow-slip white” by Vogue magazine. Not everyone liked her costume wig, but Marilyn Monroe looked like it was made just for her.

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Copy Marilyn Monroe’s Real Hair Wig Style

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How to style a Marilyn Monroe wig

Marilyn Monroe wigs typically require a more careful wig style since the fibers are delicate and hence more prone to breakage. It’s important to note that synthetic wigs must be gently shaken to style them because they are typically already fixed into their pre-made styles. You may make modest tweaks to your unique style choice by gliding your fingertips through the fibers.

Use products specifically designed for Marilyn Monroe wigs

Always use wig care products explicitly made for Marilyn Monroe wigs to prevent fiber damage and maintain the quality of your accessory.

Due to the delicate nature of the style and the need for wig care, wig styling tools, and accessories are crucial. Avoid using items made from human hair, especially hair gels and sprays, since these can eventually make styling your wig more difficult. Use wig shampoo or wig sprays instead. When wearing synthetic wigs daily, you can use wig care repair items like intensive repair treatments and wig masks to keep them smooth and shiny.

When you style your wig while it’s on your head, you can see how it frames your face while you work on your look. This is a helpful tip to keep in mind if you want to trim your wig to fit your facial shape.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to obtain the same hairdo as your style icon. Choose a wig or lace front Marilyn Monroe wig to highlight your attractiveness. Check out Lewigs’ product range to see our women’s human hair systems selection.

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