Wigs are worn by people for various reasons, including hair loss and style changes. Although many styles, colours, and textures of wigs are available, some of them might be challenging to match your hair. Fortunately, you can make your wig seem more natural with time and work. The hair on your wig may be altered to fit your face shape and personal style, whether it is made of synthetic or genuine human hair.

  1. Buy A Wig That Fits Your Head

Measure the size of your head from the forehead to the nape of the neck or from ear to ear. Mayen advises having your measurements close at hand for the most excellent fit. Although many wigs feature adjustable straps, some come in various sizes.

How To Care Wigs

  1. Pluck Your Wig

Wigs may not appear natural. More natural-looking results can be achieved by plucking the hair along the hairline and portion of the wig. Mayen says, “There ought to be a gradient-effect.” “Lightly pluck to produce a more natural-looking part if the hair is excessively dense at the part.”

  1. Cut the Lac to Fit Your Face

Place the device where you wish to secure it afterwards by adjusting it. Be careful not to clip any baby hairs you want to maintain while making your initial cut, which should be in the centre of your forehead, near the hairline.

  1. Blend

“Lightly brush the hairline and part with your existing powder and concealer. To get a more natural-looking hairline, gently blot or dab the concealer into the lace using a makeup brush or even your fingers. Do this to give the lace a more natural appearance and cover sharp edges.

  1. Make Your Natural Hair Flat

“Your wig will fit more comfortably the flatter your natural hair is. Depending on your hair’s length, density, and texture, there are many ways to flatten natural hair. In addition, many ladies decide to protect their natural hair by using a stocking cap or wig hat. Braids, cornrows, and low buns are the most popular styles for preparing your natural hair for flawless lace front wig installation.

Curl and Press the Magic Hat wig

  1. To make synthetic hair more matte, spritz it with dry shampoo.

 Plastic, which sometimes has an artificial gloss, is frequently used to make synthetic wigs. Spray the dry shampoo over the wig as you would your hair, then put it on loosely. Avoid brushing or combing to keep the wig looking matte and dishevelled.

Before wearing the wig, it could be helpful to hold the wig upside-down and sprinkle it with dry shampoo before wearing it.

  1. Apply water and fabric softener to the hair to condition it.

In a spray bottle, combine liquid fabric softener and cold water in equal parts and give the bottle a good shake. Spray the wig with the liquid and let it air dry for 20 to 30 minutes. To speed up the drying process, you may also loosely wrap the wig in a towel. The strands will appear bouncy and keep their form as a result.

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