Real hair wigs frequently get up in knots, just like our actual hair, whether you wear yours every day or save a particular style for a special event we need Human Hair Wig. We all have to deal with a few stubborn knots since anything from wind and rain to putting on your favourite clothing may cause real hair wigs to tangle. Tangling is the most common problem faced by you when you buy wigs online, so there is no need to worry about that; here are seven pro tips to avoid tangling

  1. Detangling Spray.

Some DIY detangling methods whispered around the internet for your favourite human hair wig make us cry tears of despair. We highly advise against utilizing any of these techniques since they will degrade the quality of your wig and cause them to shed tears of grief, from combining fabric softener and conditioner to using bleach to pry out the knots.

The easiest option to achieve silky smooth hair quickly is to use a high-quality detangling spray explicitly made for wigs. Professionals have carefully studied the Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau to develop a sulphate-free product that will get rid of knots and frizz while giving your wig a healthy shine.

Detangling Spray Hair Wig

Put your wig on a styling head and divide it into portions you can control. Spray evenly over the entire head of hair from a distance of about 20 to 30 cm, and then comb the hair through. The spray should have already done the labour-intensive work for you, so the comb should glide through the hair. If you encounter a tough knot, spritz a little additional spray on it and try again. Avoid pushing or tugging too firmly on the hair.

The spray may be applied to wet or dry hair. You can use it sporadically whenever your hair needs an additional silky shine.

  1. Wash your Wig.

Adopting a wash care regimen is an excellent way to prevent wig tangles if you have more time on your hands.

Swish your wig in the mixture and run a different shampoo through the hair with your fingers after adding a squeeze of wig shampoo to the lukewarm water in your basin. To prevent tangling, rinse the wig in cold water while ensuring that the water flows in the same direction as your hair.

If you repeat the process using a high-quality wig conditioner, the tangles will start to relax. In addition to being fantastic for detangling, washing your wig may help to revive it and extend its lifespan.

Wash your Wig

  1. Section and Brush.

A straightforward yet cautious brushing approach could be sufficient if your wig is just a little tangled but otherwise in good condition. The labour-intensive part of this process is dividing your wig into much smaller, more manageable portions to ease stress when brushing.

Numerous wig combs and brushes are available; they frequently have wide-toothed bristles to provide equally distributed pressure and avoid placing undue strain on the wig. Check for any larger knots before you start brushing, and attempt to gently untangle them with your fingertips before continuing since brushing them could harden the knot and make them more challenging to separate.

Work your way up the wig from the bottom layers to the top sections to achieve a super-soft, beautifully brushed wig.

  1. Don’t forget to use conditioner

In addition to cleaning your wig, you should also apply some conditioner to your wig. Your wig will seem smooth and silky due to the hair conditioner’s ability to seal in and hold moisture. For the hair strands to absorb the nutrients, it is preferable to let the conditioner sit on your wig for at least 15 minutes.

  1. Keep your wig moisturized

Use a top-notch hair mask to moisturize your wig. Gently apply for the show, then leave it on for two minutes. Hair masks are great for dehydrated hair. After that, thoroughly clean your wig with water.

  1. Careful styling.

Human hair wigs allow you to colour and style with heat. But you ought to handle it with caution. Before using heat to style your wig, spritz it with a heat protectant spray. Avoid choosing a bright hue that needs bleaching if you wish to modify the colour of your wig. Additionally, keep in mind that your wig will last less time on you the more colour you apply. So, don’t attempt to alter your wig colour too often.

  1. Avoid using hard water.

Don’t wash your wig with rough water, please. The hair will become more brittle and dry due to hard water. The advantages of using high-quality shampoo will be defeated by hard water.

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